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Archdiocesan Higher Education Centre based at St. John' Parish

Mission Statement:

The human, spiritual, moral, social and intellectual development of all the young women and men [aged 17 – 23] attending the Higher Education Centre.


The Directress and Board of Governors will ensure that all students reach their full potential and graduate after three years with a deep faith and knowledge of Catholic doctrine so that they may be good teachers, catechists and good parents. Some may be capable for further study.

Achievement of the above Goal will be reached through the following:

1              Classes and seminars designed to provide a broad based faith education in catechetic, bible studies, gospel reflection, ethics [leading the good moral life], inter-faith dialogue, care of God’s Creation, Catholic Social Teaching, English and computer skills.

2              Maintenance of high moral and academic standards for all students and high expectations by the staff members.

3              A rigorous curriculum of classes, seminars and study.

Seminars on human development, community building, HIV/AIDS education, ecology.

4              Effective teaching, measurable outcomes, ongoing assessments of students and teachers/staff.

5              Programs designed to promote the full development of each student’s spiritual/social and emotional capabilities.

6              Develop critical thinking skills and be able to read and communicate through English as most text books are in English. Be able to use technology effectively.

Board of Governors

The Directress and Board of Governors are appointed by Archbishop Paul Grawng and they are the policy making body for the running of the Education Centre. They provide support for the Directress by helping her to review and propose policy for the better governance of the Higher Education Centre. As in any school, staff must consult with the Directress about any plans they might have for the students, Good communication is of prime importance.

Members of the Board of Governors

Archbishop Paul Grawng, [Patron], Dr Margaret Cho Lay Mar, [Directress] Fr Paul, [Parish priest], Fr. Philip, [Diocesan bursar], Sr. Provincial, [Charity Sisters], Fr. Bo Bo, Fr. Augustine, [Youth Director], Mr Frederick Soe Naing [Secretary], Fr Neil Magill.