Commission on Youth Ministry

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Mature and dedicated young people,

Nourished and inspired by Gospel values, who

Appreciate the gift of youth and

All aim at living a fullness of life.


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Animated by the Love of God and of neighbours, we, the Christ centered Youth of the Archdiocese

of Mandalay, commit ourselves:

1. to provide capacity building programs,

2. to design formation program for missionary volunteers training,

3. to establish well-structured youth organization;

4. to accept guidance and instruction for spiritual nourishment;

5. to participate in youth development trainings,

6. to mobilize young people for active participation in youth organization and in

harmony with the Pastor, and will walk towards the fullness of life with unity.


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(To animate people for active cooperation and solidarity.)



1.1 To set up Archdiocesan Youth Formation Center


Plan of Actions:

1.1.1 To Sign contract between the Archdiocese of Mandalay and Salesian Congregation

for youth ministry;

Responsible Person: Archbishop, his Counselors, Spiritual Director and Coordinators and

Salesian Congregation.

Expected Result: Within Six months, contract agreement with the Salesian Congregation

must have been signed and Youth Coordinators must be already

implementing the following action plans.

Partners: Authority concerned of the Archdiocese of Mandalay, Provincial of

Salesian Congregation, Spiritual Director of Mandalay Archdiocese, Youth

Coordinators, Youth from the Archdiocese of Mandalay.

Implementation: June 2006 - June 2012


1.1.2. Providing facilities and equipments for the following activities.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry

Expected Result: Within one year, the Archdiocesan Formation Center would have been

equipped with full facilities to Wednesday, May 17, 2006

function regularly for the much needed and urgent formation of youth,

i.e., young adult, adolescents, and teen groups.

Implementation: June 2006 - June 2012


Objective1.2 To strengthen religious belief of Youth and promote solidarity among them.

Plan of Action:


1.2.1 To conduct weekend religious instruction. It is to establish a program of spiritual

formation oriented to the particular needs of youth that will be accessible to young


Responsible Person: Fr. Bo Bo and Fr. Alphone, Fr. Michael and Fr. Louis Soe Lwin.

Expected Result: Within one year, Basic Catechism for young Adults, adolescents and teens

must be completed.

Implementation: June 2006 - June 2012


1.2.2 To Conduct bible study and prayer groups.

Responsible Person: Fr. Louis Soe Lwin and Fr. Bo Bo .

Expected Result: Within one year, a Study on New Testament with its background must

have been finished.


1.2.3 Marriage Instruction - Pre marriage and

- Christian Family Life (Parenting Programs);

Expected Result: Within six months, the working Committee headed by Dr. Leo must have

been formed.

And within a year

q “Handbook on Preparation for Christian Marriage” and

q “Manual for Parenting and family life”

must have been already completed and printed.

Lead Group: Dr. Leo and Dr Khin Mg Pyone, Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners: Commissions on Family Life and Catechesis.

Implementation: May 2006- May 2007.


1.2.4 Monthly Youth Mass;


1.2.5 TRI Monthly Youth Recollection;

Lead Group: Archbishop, Members of Commission on Youth Ministry.

Expected Result: From the month of September, Youth Coordinators must have been in

place and already conducting the Youth Masses and Recollections.

Implementation: May 2006 onward till 2010.


1.2.6 Monthly Outreach programs (Sheep Without a Shepherd);

Expected Results: Within one year, the Outreach group must have visited all the houses of

Catholics from suburb areas and to keep in touch with them for their

participation in parish activities. (to add and revise)

Lead Group: Youth Coordinator and youth

Partners: Parish Priests, Catechists, Parish elders

Implementation: May 2006 to 2010


1.2.7 Monthly Youth Ministry Courses;

The Youth Ministry Studies Program consists of twelve courses. Each course is 3-clock-hours in

length. The Commission Members will offer courses regularly, ordinarily within a period of 2 years.

Expected Results: Within two years, the following course would have been given to the youth

leaders from the parishes of the Archdiocese of Mandalay and youth leaders

must be able to organize their own parish youth Associations.

Lead Group: Youth Coordinators, Spiritual Director and invited Resource Persons.

Partners: World Vision, NGOs

Implementation: May 2006-May 2007.


1.2.8 Annual Archdiocesan Youth Gathering in April during Water Festival;

Lead Group: Commission of Youth Ministry. Resource persons will be invited in

consultation with Archbishop, Spiritual Director and the Clergy

Expected Results: After every gathering, youth would have been motivated and renewed.

Mutual understanding and relationship with other peers must have been

established and knowledge on self-development would have been enriched

and put them into practice.

Implementation: April 2005 to April 2010.

1.2.9 To provide a centralized and supervised setting for recreational activities: a kind

of Social Center like YMCA (Gym, Aikido, music classes etc…..)

Expected Results: Within six months, Youth would have been supported for their physical

and social development. This Center would have guided them to use their

time profitably instead of being influenced by peers’ pressure (substance

abuse i.e., alcohol and narcotic drugs, sexual promiscuity, gambling),

materialism and consumerism.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners: NGOs, Resource Persons,

Implementation: March 2007 to 2010.


1.2.11 To mobilize Young Christian Students both from Mandalay and elsewhere who

are having classes in Mandalay for IYCS’s (International Young Christian

Students) official membership and become beneficiaries for their development in

terms of social, education and spiritual life.

Expected Results: -Within one year, YCS (Young Christian Students living in the Archdiocese

of Mandalay) must have been one of the members of IYCS, participate

in the activities on an international level and collaborate with MCYC

(Mandalay Catholic Youth Commission).

-Members would have been participating in the activities of the Archdiocese

at the best of their abilities.

- Vision, Mission and policy must have been established.

Lead Group: YCS, MCYC

Partners: IYCS, NCYC

Implementation: March 2007 - 2010.




(To foster strong missionary spirit)



2.1. To provide Training/formation for missionary works.


Plan of Action:

2.1.1. To conduct missionary awareness raising program.

Expected Results: Within two years, every young people would have known that they are

Missionaries by the Sacrament of Baptism and well aware of their

obligation towards the Church’s apostolate efforts.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry.

Partners: Commissions on Catechesis and Evangelization.

Implementation: June 2006 – 2010 (weekly).


2.1.2. To conduct courses for missionary volunteer:

- Study on World Religions especially of Buddhism and Inter-religious Dialogue;

- Catechism of the Catholic Church,

- Myanmar Catholic Church History,

- Bible

- Mass and Liturgy

- Missiology

Expected Results: Within two years, youth commission must be able to arrange for

sending Missionary Volunteers to different parishes at the request of the

parish priests and with the approval of the Archbishop.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners: Commissions on Evangelization, Catechesis and other resource persons.

Implementation: June 2006-2010 (weekly)


2.1.3. To contribute to the missionary activities of the Church

- by prayers,

- by materials,

- by active participation,






3.1. To create awareness on the causes of poverty.


3.1.1. To conduct awareness and community building (PEACE) programs;

(Transformational Development)

Expected Results: Within two years, awareness seminar on the causes of poverty and peace

building programs must have been given throughout the Archdiocese of


Lead group: Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners: Commissions on Socio-Economic, and Education, KMSS, World Vision

and New Humanity.

Implementation: March 2007- 2010.


3.2. To promote Community based projects.


Plan of Actions:

3.2.1. To teach proposal writing and introduce with the NGOs.

Expected Results: Within one year, all the youth leaders must have been trained to write

project proposal and well aware of the existence of the agencies which

are helping the needy.

Lead group: Commission on Youth Ministry and Dr. Leo

Partners: Commission on Socio-Economic, KMSS, World Vision, New Humanity.


3.2.2. To teach office management and account practices.

Expected Results: Within one year, all the youth leaders must have been trained to manage

their own offices and keep proper account in order to be transparent.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry and Sr. Cecilia San Yu Maw, SFX.

Partners: KMSS, NGOs.

Implementation: March 2007- 2010.


3.2.3. To form Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.

Expected Results: Within six months, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee must have been

established with norms and functions.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry, Dr. Leo, U Myint Wai and Sr. Cecilia

San Yu Maw, SFX.

Implementation: March 2007- 2010.


3.3. To Provide Employment Opportunities.


Plan of Actions:

3.3.1. To put up Young Catholic Workers Association; (Help find jobs)

Expected Results: Within three years, the majority of youth would have been able to stand

on their own with descent jobs.

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry, U Myint Wai

Partners: Archdiocese of Mandalay, Local business people,

Implementation: March 2007-2010.


3.4. To provide formal/informal education.


Plan of Action:

3.4.1. Vocational Training (Computer, Language, tailoring, Printing Press, carpentry,


Expected Results:

• Within one year, basic and advanced computer courses with 50 computers must have

been conducting at St. John Computer and Education Center.

• Within one year, English and Italian courses must have been given regularly.

• And the arrangement (proposal letter and accommodation) must have been made for

volunteer resource persons to teach languages.

• Within one year, a set of sewing machine must have been in the possession of Commission

and already started for fund raising.

• Within one year, a proposal for printing press must have been applied.

Lead group: Commissions on Youth, Education, and Laity

Partners: World Vision, New Humanity, Local resource persons.

Implementation: January, 2005 – 2010





Objective: 4. 1 To provide better opportunities for studies and education.

Plan of Actions:

4.1.1. To provide accommodation at Youth Center for University Students and others;

Expected Results:

• Within three years, youth center must have been constructed and programs

for education of youth must have been already started.

• Within three years, some needy youth must be able to have part time job

at the Youth Center. (Animal husbandry and agriculture)

Partners: World Vision, New Humanity, U Myint Wai and other local resource


Implementation: March 2007- 2008


4.1.2. To provide forum for discussion on current issues, needs and sharing among youth;

Expected Results: Within three year, youth must have realized the reality of the present age

and look into the situation critically for necessary actions.

Lead Group Commission on Youth Ministry.

Partners: Commissions on Education, Laity and other resource persons.

Implementation: March 2007-2010





Objective: 5.1 To provide Capacity building Programs.


Plan of Actions:

5.1.1. To send outstanding and promising youth to abroad for further studies.

Expected Results: Within one year, 3 to 5 youth must have been studying abroad for the

following courses:

• Management studies (Asian Management Institute-Philippines)

• Development studies (Asian Social Institute-Philippines)

• Agriculture and animal husbandry (University of the Philippines, Los

Banos, Laguna)

• Capacity Building (Sesalin, St. Francis Xavier University, Gaganyan


Lead Group Commission on Youth Ministry

Partner Commission on Education, NGOs, and concerned Institutes.

Implementation: March 2007- 2010.


5.1.2. To give Seminar on Leadership, Management, Training for Trainers etc.

Expected Results: Within one year, following seminars must have been conducted:

• Organizational Development by Fr. Bosco Bo Bo

• Community Development from World Vision

• Training for Trainers on technique and facilitator’s skills

Lead Group: Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners: KMSS, World Vision, CBI (Capacity Building Initiatives, Yangon) and

other NGOs.

Implementation: 2005-2010


5.1.3. To arrange for exposure.

Expected Results: Interdiocesanal Relationship

Lead Groups Commission on Youth Ministry

Partners Loikaw and Taunggyi Dioceses, National Youth Commission,

Implementation: March 2007-2010.