Commission on Vocation and Formation
ရဟန္း၊ ကိုရင္၊ သီလရွင္ေဘာင္သို႕ ေခၚေတာ္မူျခင္းေရးရာ ေကာ္မရွင္

Towards a community of Christ-centered, contemplative and integrally-formed priests and religious, building the Kingdom of God in the midst of different faiths, cultures and levels of society.

We, the formators of the Archdiocese of Mandalay, commit ourselves for:
1) Fostering a spirit of discipleship in candidates through the contemplation of Christ in the Gospels;
2) Promoting physical, emotional, intellectual, socio-cultural and spiritual development through integrated formation programs.
By these we hope to obtain Christ-centred and well-formed priests and religious.

Situation analysis

Positive Areas:

1) Human Resources:
- We have formators (priests, religious and laity) and candidates.

2) Material:
- Buildings and facilities, library, food, transport; games, recreation, health care, entertainment, funds.

3) Others:
- facilitators and formators from abroad, funds, guidance.

Grey Areas:

1) Human Resource:
- Lack of a sufficient number of properly formed formators; lack of active involvement of the religious and laity in formation work; lack of proper selection of candedates; non-involvement and lack of interest of parents, parish priests, religious and elders in the selection of candidates and their formation; wrong motivation coming to the seminary/novitiate or in wanting to become a priest or religious on the part of candedates; similar wrong natures in the part of parents in sending their sons and daughters to the Seminary/novitiate; lack of commitment to studies and prayer life.

2) Material:
- Insufficient finance; lack of proper building and facilities; lack of educational materials (texbooks, spiritual book, etc.); lack of library; lack of transport; lack of proper maintenance; lack of tidiness and cleanliness in kitchens, dormitories, lavatories, bathrooms, classrooms and dinning rooms.

3) Other:
- Lack of linkages with other groups and partners (other commissions, religious congregations.)

1. To form candidates in the sprit of discipleship and commitment.
2. To train candidates how to think and how to learn.
3. To train formators.
4. To promote active participation of all in selecting and formation of candidates.
5. To form support Group.

Lines of Action
1.1. We will form candidates in the spirit of discipleship and commitment by teaching and leading them in the contemplation of Christ in the Gospels.
a. Responsible Persons: Commission and Seminary/Novitiate staff
b. Lead Group: Seminary/Novitiate staff and teachers
c. Expected Result: Candidates grow in the desire to imitate Chirt and to give their lives to the service of people.
d. Partners: Pastors and Religious
  • e. Implementation: June 2007 - June, 2012 (3 days in a week)

2.1. We will train candidates to think logically and teach them a method of learning effectively.
a. Responsible persons: Commission and Teachers
b. Lead Group: Seminaty/Novitiate staff and teachers
c. Expected Result: Candidates learn how to think in a logcal way and how to acquire knowledge effectively.
d. Partners: Priests, Religious, and Lay Teachers
  • e. Implementation: June 2007 - June 2012 (5 days in a week)

3.1. We will train properly-formed formators by sending them to Myanmar Institute of Religious Formation and to other pleaces.
a. Responsible Persons: Commission, Seminary/Novitiate staff
b. Lead Group: Formators of the Institute
c. Ecpected Result: Priests and Religious for the work of formation in the Seminaty/Nivitiate.
d. Partners: Priests and Religious
  • e. Implementation: June, 2007 - June, 2012

4.1. We will promote active participation of pastors, religious, parents and people in the proper selection and formation of candidates by animating them to be involved.
a. Responsible Persons: Commission
b. Lead Group: Seminary/Novitiate staff
c. Expected Result: Camdidates with proper motives and necessary qualifications are selected for going to the Seminary.
d. Partners: Pastors, Religious, parents, and elders.
  • e. Implementation: June, 2007 - June, 2012.

5.1. We will form Support Groups: (1) Association of Parents, (2) Association of past pupils, (3) Sera Club and (4) Fund-Raising Committee in order to help the Senimary/ Novitiates.
a. Responsible Persons: Commission
b. Lead Group: Commission and Formators
c. Expected Result: Support groups are formed and begin to help out in the various areases of material and spirtual needs.
d. Partners: Pastors, Religious, Parents, and donors
  • e. Implementation: June, 2007 - June, 2012.